Mission & Vision

In order to achieve our expected achievements, we are not keeping any stone unturned. Many initiatives have been taken to level the institution as an excellent institution. Teachers are always dedicated to preparing the learners as world-class students. Only bookish knowledge cannot assure a learner to cope with the world. Realizing this, we prepare them accordingly. We want our students to excel at all levels. They are instructed how to be good at different subjects. They are always motivated to tackle the challenges in life. The dedicated teachers always try to find the latent talent of the students and they try to ignite their talents. We have many clubs in our institution, Debate Club, General Knowledge competition, Math Olympiad, Spelling Bee competition and so on. We, the authority, the principal, and all concerned wings always try to highlight our history, culture, tradition, religious norms. That’s why all-important national, cultural, historical as well as religious days and events are solemnly observed in our institution. In order to ignite latent talent, the authority often arranges inspirational programs. To make students aware of life, living, outside world; renowned teachers, educationalists, personalities are invited to our institution to inspire/motivate our learners. Among them some names are mentionable. Dr. Birupakha Pal, ( a teacher who teachers USA university), Dr. Muhammad Sadik, ex-chairman, public service commission), Dr. MahabubTalukder have visited our intuition and inspired us. Scholars’ School & College arranges sports, cultural programs, and farewell ceremonies gorgeously and invites elite personalities of the country to exalt/glorify the event. Our honorable education minister also glorified the Annual Sports Day. Many dignified guests were also part of our ceremonials. They inspired, motivated and become an honorable part of us. Our teachers have good contact and communication with the students. All teachers have a strong with the students. In order to tie the bond, teachers have to call the students at least two times each month. Even the teachers visit students’ houses to observe the condition. If any student feels ill or faces any problem teachers try to go close to the problem and help to solve it; if it is not a family matter. The mentioned steps and initiatives are taken only to flourish the name and fame of the institution and to pave the way for the students to go further. We are always trying to cope with the time and situation. Any suggestion from any good corner is always welcomed. It tries to follow path of progress and possibility. It is running accordingly. In Sha Allah by the blessing of all it will be an excellent institution one day. It is our dream and destination. Our governing body members, principal, teachers all are trying heart and soul to reach our goals.