Academic Rules

SS&C has well organized academic rules. SS&C is very much strict to follow the academic rules. It publishes an Academic Calendar. The calendar is handed over the to the students and teachers from the very beginning of the Academic Year. Going through the calendar teachers and students can easily understand the upcoming schedule. Students are provided a diary to note the daily lesson, homework, instruction and information. Guardians also can easily understand the academic rules.

Certain rules are followed to run academic activities –

1. Ensure hundred-percent presence

2. Moral and social valued is inspired with academic education

3. Students’ attendance is monitored strictly and on regular basis

4. Students performance/progress is evaluated continuously

5. Absentee students’ guardian are called by the Class Teachers regularly to ensure presence of the student.

6. Physically challenged students are treated individually with due care

7. Regular Guide-Classes on Saturdays and other days after scheduled school hours for slow learners