21st October, 2019, Monday

ICT Info


ICT Department of Scholars’ School & College has an outstanding micro–computer labs. This lab is networked and the other PCs of the department through LAN. A server room is arranged to administrate the proper functioning of the lab and to accommodate Windows server 2012 and other sophisticated resources like a scanner, a high resolution digital camera, etc.  The lab is equipped with twelve updated PCs. A number of those PCs are latest core i3- 4th generation machines.

Department ensures reliable computing as each PC is attached with an UPS. There is a heavy-duty printer stationed in server room to provide printing facility to the teachers. A student can browse from any PC free of charge for unlimited period.

The Department has provided students with constant broadband Internet browsing facility as well as Wi-Fi internet. There is a number of highly qualified faculty members in ICT department. Each teacher is provided with a PC and is networked through LAN. During office hour (a time slot earmarked for students), these PCs are used for attending from a small group of students etc. Also, these PCs are used by the teachers to carry out the academic work.

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