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Academic Information

EIIN NO: 133717 School Code: 1760 College Code: 1499

Academic Plan

Exam System

There are six examinations in an academic year. Every 2 months there will be an examination, which covers instruction, examination, grading, results and a break.

Academic Calendar

The academic system of SS&C follows the academic calendar as follows:

Name of the Examination Probable Date of Examination
Monthly Test 1 1st March
Monthly Test 2 16th April
Half-Yearly 22nd May
Monthly Test 3 1st August
Monthly Test 4 1st October
Annual 23rd November

Evaluation System

The evaluation is based on:

  1. The annual examination
  2. Half Yearly examination
  3. Four monthly tests
  4. Assignments or Home Work.

The exact distribution of marks may vary from course to course.

Letter Grading

The following letter grading is used:

Marks Obtained(Out of 100) Letter Grade Grade Point Equivalent
80-100 A+ 5.00
70-79 A 4.00
60-69 A- 3.50
50-59 B 3.00
40-49 C 2.00
33-39 D 1.00
0-32 F 0.00

Grade Point Average

The GPA is computed by dividing the total earned grade points by the number of subjects.The result is prepared in the following manner:

Type of Exam Full Marks Percentage will be added to Half- Yearly or Annual Examination Half- Yearly or Annual Examination Grand Final
MT- 1 50 10% 10%+ 10%+ 80%= 100% 30% of Half- Yearly Examination
MT- 2 50 10%
Half- Yearly 100 80%
MT- 3 50 10% 10%+ 10%+ 80%= 100% 70% of Annual Examination
MT- 4 50 10%
Annual 100 80%
Grand Total= 100%


Medium of Instruction

English is used as the medium of instruction. In order to improve the students’ proficiency in English, different types of courses on English are offered. However, the national language is used in some of the courses in the distance mode.

Academic Regulations and Policies

Student’s Responsibility and Conduct

Each student is responsible for having the knowledge of rules, regulations, academic requirements and disciplinary policies of SS&C. She/he is expected to behave in accordance with good moral values and the rules and regulations of SS&C either in campus or outside. Politics, grouping, procession, agitation, strikes and other similar activities are completely prohibited in campus, which are punishable as per disciplinary rules and regulation of SS&C.


A student will lose his/her status as a student on any of the following grounds:

(i) If a student fails two or more subjects during two subsequent probationary examinations, he/she will be dismissed from SS&C.

(ii) If a student breaks his/her active studies for more than 6 months without written permission of SS&C.

(iii) If a student fails to clear his/her dues in time.

(iv) If a student violates rules and regulations of SS&C as a whole or to the respective Class.

SS&C reserves the right to dismiss or exclude any student from any of his/her class and/or programs whenever such action is deemed appropriate in the interest of the student or SS&C.

Academic Honesty

A student is required to maintain academic honesty in all his/her studies and works. Cheating or unauthorized assistance in examinations, assignments will be subjected to disciplinary action.

Disciplinary Action

There is a Disciplinary Board to take action in cases involving politics, grouping, agitation, strikes, and the violation of academic honesty, good conduct, and any rules and regulations of SS&C or of departments/ classes.

Right to Change

SS&C reserve the right to change or modify admission and program requirements, rules, regulations, and fee structures. Such changes and modifications will be effective for both new and existing students, as SS&C authorities may decide then from time to time.

Admission and Registration

Admission Procedure:

A student seeking admission should follow the following steps for admission:

(a) Collect the Application form and related documents from the SS&C office by paying the prescribed fees.

(b) Submit the filled-in application form. Incomplete forms will not be considered.

(c) Admission will be subjected to the number of available seats.

(d) Successful candidates are required to complete the registration for admission formalities by paying the prescribed fees.

(e) Get ID


It is the responsibility of each and every student to complete admission in due times each Class by paying all the fees of the relevant Class. Otherwise, he/she will have to pay late fees along with the regular fees. Non-payment of fees will lead to termination of his/her status as a student at SS&C. Students should consult the accounts department for their fees.


A student who discontinues active enrollment without being granted leave of absence or does not return to active study after expiry of any granted leave of absence will lose his/her status as a regular student and will have to apply for re-admission.



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